Buck Owens signature Telecaster

Buck Owens Tele

This is a very rare Fender Telecaster 
Buck Owens Signature LTD in really electric colors! 
Eye-catcher made in Japan. Only 250 items worldwide!
A really great recreation of Buck Owens 60s tele

.limited edition - great tribute to an amazing American country artist
.made just for a very short period of time - pretty rare

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Guitar Story

Fender Buck Owens Guitar
Owens had a Telecaster guitar with the same kind of finish as his Mosrite acoustic guitar. With the help of Fender, Owens and his buckaroos created shining Buck Owens Guitar and basses. Fender built an initial Buck Owens signature Telecaster with silver shining paint on the headstock and body, and then transformed with red, white and blue shimmering finish. Golden pickguard was utilized and other hardware and the primary board was also golden. Buck Owens signature Tele was created in 1988 and ceased in 1999. It is really a limited edition; simply two hundred and fifty had been manufactured. Some individuals mistook Buckaroo Telecaster as MIM, in fact it was MIJ.
Buck Owens Telecaster Guitar Features
Buck Owens Guitar features a solid basswood body, a set of Texas Special single-coil pickups, golden hardware, brass pickguard, maple neck, rosewood fretboard and 21 frets.

About Buck Owens Guitar Player


Buck Owens was born in Sherman, Texas on August 12, 1929. From 1960s to nineteen seventies, Buck Owens was really a superstar who inspired the trend of country music. He and Merie Haggarird had been the 2 leaders in the country music style of music West Coast Sound. In Buck Owens' career as a performer, more than a hundred lps were released. In addition, he was a great songwriter, taking honor and popularity to other performers, one of the most popular songs is Together Again sang by Emmylou Harris, another is Crying Time sang by Ray Charles. He later on set up another music band The Buckaroos which became also famous. He created the Bakersfield sound style that is a mixture of the original style of country music and bar styles. The band later on alone recorded many recordings. His well-known songs include Act Naturally (1963) which has been later on covered by Beatles, Love's Gonna Live Here (1963), My Heart Skips A Beat (1964), Together Again (1964), I've Got A Tiger By The Tail (1965), Before You Go (1965), Waitin' In your Welfare Line (1966), Think Of Me (1966), Open Up Your Heart (1966), and a cover of Johnny B. Goode, the well known song of the experienced rock star Chuck Berry. The songs in the above list are all No.1 hits. In 1996 he was elected to get into the Country Music Hall of Fame.