Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2013 “Nash Aged”

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Gitarrbyggaren Bill Nash i USA gör om produktionsgitarrer till sitt eget fantastiska stuk med alla hardwaredelar utbytta till vintage, all elektronik utbytt till ”old spec” och gitarrkropp och hals underbart relikerade / ageade. Den är luggsliten till en gräns som inte ens Tom Murphy vågar sig på. Total Conversion.

Bill Nash gör mest refinish på Fender Strat. och Tele, men någon gång ibland en Les Paul som denna. Fett sound i mickarna och en sidenhals som är näst intill självspelande.

Vill du känna vibbarna från en 50 år gammal gitarr fast i ny tappning så har du den här. Direktimporterad och garanterat den enda i Europa. Serienummer #Bill Nash 13

Vikt: 4 Kg

Case: Gibson USA Black Hardcase


USA text:

Once again, master luthier Bill Nash displays his excellent aging work with this Les Paul!

Bill takes a real Gibson Les Paul and relics each individual part for an unmatched feel and look. You’d swear you were playing a ’59 burst!

He then ups the ante with some electronic modifications such as a DiMarzio Bluesbucker in the Neck and a DiMarzio Air Norton in the Bridge. Per Bill Nash: "We re-wire the guitar so the pickups breathe better as well as use the neck pickup’s tone control as a coil tap for the Bluesbucker, which gives you an amazing strat-like sound from that pickup. Between 1 and 8 on the tone knob it works as a regular tone control, between 9 and 10 it shuts off the second/dummy coil. This gives you a tap without adding switches of push pull pots. The Air Norton give you bigger output and rich harmonics without going over the top into the tone spectrum of faceless, modern, high output sound that so many specialized humbuckers are susceptible to. These pickups have a lower string pull and a much higher sensitivity to your dynamics and playing style."

Combine that with the classic combo of maple top, mahogany back and neck, rosewood fretboard and tulip tuners and you’ve got one heck of a guitar! These are a rare find and is likely to sell quick, so act fast!

The finish, which is sometimes rather thick, is stripped off down to the bare wood. At this point some get stains applied, if required to get the desired color. Then the guitar gets re-finished in 100% nitrocellulose lacquer, keeping it as thin as possible to enable superior resonance. This one is finished with an absolute gorgeous tangerine burst color.

Hardshell case included

This is one of the best guitars I have seen in years!

45.000 SEK



Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2013 “Nash Aged”