Billy G,s Pinstripe Aged/signed #20/50

Billy Gibbons Gold Top Pinstripe

Here's what Gibson say about the Aged Billy Gibbons Gold Top 1957 Les Paul Reissue

The Tone, Feel and Looks of a Legendary Guitar, Reshaped Through the Eye and Ears of Rock and Roll's Most Charismatic Icon

Were you expecting subtle? Then you don't know the player or the guitar. Gibson Custom is head over heels to present the legendary Billy F Gibbons' take on our most visually revered guitar, the Les Paul Goldtop. Re-envisioned by Rock and Roll's most compelling character and statesman to both style and tone, the Gibson Les Paul Goldtop gets the makeover of a lifetime from the outside in.

Aesthetically, the first revision of an already eye-catching guitar in over 60 years is a masterpiece of style, featuring an original pinstripe design by Billy. the pinstripe design is recreated one at a time, by hand, by the very steady and respected hands of Rick Harris, along with our own artist, who Rick has himself trained. The subtle differences in each make each one a one-of-a-kind work of art. Adding to this unique individual character us Gibson Custom's hand-aging process, which captures the wear of Billy's own guitars with the added kitsch of a Texas-shaped wear pattern adorning each one's back (aged models only).

As a player, Billy's world-renowned tone is delivered through two Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates pickups, the only pickups to bear Billy's name and stamp of approval. Billy's signature tone is captured through the guitar's lightweight, chambered mahogany body, carved from a single piece of wood. The added benefit of the guitar's ultra-light overall weight makes it as comfortable to play as it is sonically inspiring. That comfort continues with its neck, a reproduction of Billy's own Goldtop profile.

The Gibson Custom Billy F Gibbons Goldtop is being offered in limited runs of 50 hand-aged models, each played and hand-signed by Billy, 100 Aged models and 150 VOS models rounding out an offering of 300 in total.

Pinstripe story

Billy Gibbons Original Bolin Gold Top Pinstriped by himself

Billy F. Gibbons doesn’t pull any stylistic or tonal punches, so you’d expect his take on the seminal Les Paul Goldtop to be a knockout—and it is.

The first ground-up revision of Gibson’s stunning original solidbody electric in over 60 years is a masterpiece of style. In addition to its luscious goldtop finish, it features a unique pinstripe design created by Billy himself, which is hand-recreated one at a time by respected hotrod-pinstripe artist Rick Harris and a Gibson artist trained personally by Rick. Sonically and visually, the guitar blows the doors off the venue with a neck profile measured precisely from the Rev’s own Les Paul, ultra-light construction, custom electronics, and a pair of Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates pickups.

150 Billy F. Gibbons Goldtops will be carefully hand-aged, with 50 of them played and hand-signed by Billy himself; each of these will have the added kitsch of a Texas-shaped “buckle rash” wear pattern adorning its back. A further 150 VOS models round out the Limited Run of 300 guitars


The remarkable pinstripe design is meticulously painted onto each guitar top by the steady hands of acclaimed artist Rick Harris and a Gibson Custom artist that was trained by Harris himself. Since the design is hand painted, each Billy Gibbons Goldtop Les Paul pinstripe is very slightly different making each one unique

A pair of Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates pickups dish out that classic Texas blues-rock tone that helped define Gibbons' legendary sound. Seymour Duncan describes these pickups as “sweet, but slightly rude, with great sustain and a bright top end that make harmonics jump out of the guitar.” The electronics in Gibson Custom Billy Gibbons Goldtop Les Paul have been modified to BFG's preferred specs. The pickups have each been routed through independent volume controls and a master tone control; the pickup selector toggle has been removed at Gibbons' request.

At NAMM 2012 we saw up close in person what fans have so far only been lucky enough to see on stage – this amazing heavily aged Gibson Custom Shop Goldtop belonging to Billy Gibbons. Not only did Billy do the pinstriping himself, he even did all the aging by hand. We have to say, he absolutely killed it. Billy’s hot rodding roots are clearly the inspiration for the retro detailing. The three knob setup is volume/volume/master tone and the body is chambered. Look at the belt buckle rash on the back – it’s Texas! We wouldn’t be surprised if Billy was bad ass enough that all his belt buckle rash on every guitar he plays took that shape.

The best news? Gibson is planning to produce this guitar. We’re happy to hear that this masterpiece from the master of mojo will multiply.






The Les Paul Gold Top of rock immortal Billy Gibbons is bought back to life in this very special 1957 Gold Top Reissue featuring Billy's own, original pinstripe design. With the pattern drawn on carefully by hand, each Billy Gibbons Gold top has a unique touch and a bit of magic that you won't find on any other guitar, other than maybe the original, of course!

Naturally, the Billy Gibbons Les Paul doesn't stop there. With tone that screams rock perfection, the classic combo of a chambered, one-piece mahogany body and Duncan Pearly Gates pickups recreate Gibbons' famous tone flawlessly. The cuts of wood for the neck and fingerboard are also, obviously amongst Gibsons best, and to round off this very-collectible package - this Aged Billy Gibbons 57 Gold Top comes with certificate of authenticity, hard case, and Billy's choice Reverend Willy strings, designed in collaboration with Gibbons himself. 1 of only 100 worldwide, this Aged Billy Gibbons Gold Top has added attention to detail with the wear on Billy's originals carefully replicated for a fantastic played-in look and feel.

Original Bolin Les Paul
Original Bolin Les Paul