Jimmy Page Les Paul #2 aged & signed

In 2010 Gibson came out with another replica Jimmy Page Les Paul, this time recreating his "Number Two" 1959 Les Paul Sunburst. In 1973 Jimmy bought a second 1959 Les Paul Standard to complement his Number One ’59. This guitar was more lightly figured, and a bit darker in color. The neck was modified to feel thinner like Number One, but not to nearly that extreme. The main thing about Number Two that sets it apart from any other guitar on the market is the extensive custom electronics package. Jimmy installed push-pull pots on all four knobs along with two switches hidden under the pickguard that together controlled all sorts of coil splitting, phase reverse, and series/parallel options, and all these modifications are present on the signature model. Again there were 25 aged and signed by Jimmy Page, but this time there were also an additional one hundred aged (not signed) replicas built.

The Gibson Jimmy Page Number Two is inspired by guitarist, songwriter and record producer Jimmy Page. Member of The Yardbirds from 1966 to 1968 and founder the English rock band Led Zeppelin.

The Gibson Jimmy Page Number Two features a new Page humbucking pickup in the treble position designed for minimal volume loss when in split mode. The rhythm pickup is the familiar Page humbucking pickup found on the first Signiture Page guitar from Gibson Custom.

With no pots pulled and no pickguard switches depressed. The 2 pickups work as normal humbucking pickups. However, pull up the treble pickup tone pot and you will split the coil which offers a thinned, "single coil" tone. Pull the rhythm pickup tone pot and you will experience the same result.

There is an additional "pre-set" type operation loaded onto the pickguard via 2 switches. This feture is optimized when both the rhythm and treble pickups are activated. Push the first (front) switch mounted on the pickguard and it creates "series/parallel" mode. Push the second (rear) switch and you will experience "phase reversal".

Jimmy Page #2 aged & signed