Gibson Les Paul 58 Tobacco Sunburst

Gibson Les Paul 58 Tobacco Sunburst Duane Allman ( Allman Bros.) Aged Pilot Run # 10 / 10 ( 55)

Duane Allman Pilot Run Story

In 2001, Gibson produced 55 Duane Allman Les Pauls and the rest is history as they were immediately squirreled into collections around the world. Having discovered this and possibly feeling a tad bit left out, the Yamano Company requested that Gibson make a special run for them exclusively and this request was granted with a run of 10 Murphy- aged "Duane" R9s being produced. What this all leads to is that you are looking at the last guitar made in the Yamano run and the last Duane Allman Les Paul ever produced by Gibson- a special and historical guitar to say the least. We here at GrinningElk are proud to have offered this exceptional piece. It's exactly the type of guitar we love to represent and is, we feel, a cut above and something different than you will find anywhere else.


 Duane started with a fender Stratocastor and then got a 1957 goldtop les paul. it was with this Gibson les paul that he also switched to Marshall amps. He then obtained a 1958 tobacco burst Les paul & a 1959 Cherry sunburst les paul. he still liked the sound in the gold top pick-ups best, but the feel of the later year Gibsons. So he switched out the pick-ups of the 1957 gold top & put them in the tobacco burst gibson.

Today those 3 gibsons could fetch over a million dollars w/o the celebrety that Mr Allman would also bring them. I hope Gregg has them put away in a safe place.

i would love to ask him about his legendary brother & those guitars.