Les Paul 59 CC #13 Spoonful Burst

Gibson Les Paul Collector's Choice # 13 Serial # 023 of 300 worldwide. This has the correct matched top

1959 Les Paul "The Spoonful Burst" A Detail-Perfect Recreation of an Iconic Les Paul

The Original

A Nashville Cat's Guitar!

Don't believe in magic? The Gibson Custom Collector's Choice #13 Gordon Kennedy 1959 Les Paul limited edition solidbody electric guitar just might change your mind. This Collector's Choice guitar is a re-creation of a '59 Les Paul originally owned by John Sebastian of The Lovin' Spoonful. From the faded finish to the CustomBucker pickups to the accurate finish reproduction, Collector's Choice #13 is a guitar full of vintage vibe and tone. With only 300 available worldwide, don't miss your chance to own an amazingly playable and unique guitar - the Gibson Collector's Choice #13 Gordon Kennedy 1959 Les Paul.

 Gibson Custom Collector's Choice #13 Gordon Kennedy 1959 Les Paul Limited Edition Solidbody Electric Guitar at a Glance:

 Created after an iconic Les Paul

Not created after just any old Les Paul, the Gibson Custom Collector's Choice #13 Gordon Kennedy 1959 Les Paul was originally owned and used by music-legend John Sebastian. He used the original on hits such as hits like "Do You Believe in Magic?" and "Nashville Cats"! Each guitar of this limited Collector's Choice run includes a copy of a hand-written letter from John Sebastian detailing the history of the original guitar. The guitar is currently owned by Nashville-legend and Grammy Award winner Gordon Kennedy.

 Classic PAF sound with a pair of CustomBuckers

Les Paul - Spoonful Story

The acquisition of any original 1958-'60 Burst is an intoxicating experience, but when Gordon Kennedy acquired his own 1959 Les Paul in 2000, he was also fully aware of the guitar's deep legend of musical heritage, popular music, and ownership by a cultural icon. This guitar—re-created here as Collector's Choice #13 1959 Les Paul "The Spoonful Burst"—was the sole guitar that had accompanied the musical journey of John Sebastian, best known for a brilliant and colorful career as frontman of The Lovin' Spoonful. In Sebastian's hands, this guitar had helped to create a string of hits such as "Do You Believe In Magic," "Nashville Cats," and "Welcome Back," the theme song to the hit '70s TV show Welcome Back Kotter. If that wasn't enough, this guitar has also been held by Michael Bloomfield and Jimmy Vivino, and has made big screen appearances in Woody Allen's Tiger Lily and Paul Simon’s One Trick Pony.

One of the factors that makes Collector's Choice #13 "The Spoonful Burst" truly special is the way Gibson Custom, as with all Collector's Choice guitars, clones distinctive elements of its specific wear, tone, look and feel, rendering a detail-perfect re-creation that comes as close as is humanly possible to an original vintage Les Paul. Signs of the very individual personality of Collector's Choice #13 include its unusually balanced front and rear pickups, substantial neck profile, significant wear from a long career of heavy use by John Sebastian, and the beautifully faded "Dirty Lemon" burst finish. In tribute to one of America's most accomplished artists, a tie-dyed dust cover is included with each guitar, along with a limited-edition reproduction of a hand-written letter from John Sebastian explaining the guitar's unique history in detail.

The original 1959 Les Paul - Note the grain details on the top. The above #023 is the ONLY one you will find with the correct grain details ! Thank you Sweetwater in Illinois